Monday 4 February 2013

Auto getting album art for your MP3s with taghycardia

Taghycardia is a little free Windows app that is intended mainly to get downloaded mp3 albums ready for putting on iPhones. However, it also turned out to have a nice Auto Cover Art Download and Embed  function.

Here's a small how-to for using the feature. First, you need to enable auto cover art fixing by setting the flags "Auto fix missing cover art" and "Use Cover Art form Discogs":

Next, choose the root folder of your mp3 collection and press Go. The program will start traversing mp3 folders trying to get art for the tracks that lack embedded pictures. Finally, it shows its synopsis:

Now you just have to press Apply Changes, and the program will embed cover art it found online (or locally) into the tags that didn't have images.

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