Monday, 6 February 2017

How to remove all album art from multiple MP3 files in a couple of clicks

Having embedded cover images in music files is good if you like to look at the album art when playing your music on a mobile device. However, JPEGs or pics of other formats embedded in MP3 files can take up lots of useful space on your HDD, SDD or portable player, especially when the same image is inserted into every file of an album, which is most often the case.

The easiest way to quickly remove ALL images from a bunch of MP3 albums is to use a free program called taghycardia

Download the utility here, run the installation file, choose "I'd like to use the program to strip cover art from music files to save space" in the initial setup dialog.

Now choose a root folder of your MP3 collection (such as C:\MP3) by clicking the three-dots button at the top left  

... and press Remove Art.

Now, the only thing left to do is to click the Go On button (If you wish to save the found embedded covers as image files, check the corresponding checkbox). 

With this, the program will quickly scan ALL of your MP3 albums and files under the selected root, removing any embedded images.

So, just several clicks, and you're good.