Saturday, 5 April 2014

Save space on your mobile device by removing cover art from music files

So I've got an 8 GB iPhone and I load it with lots of music. So I wondered what can be done to make the music take less space. As it turned out, many of my music files have cover art images embedded in them. Digging further I've discovered that 1) they often have way more resolution than is needed, and 2) the same cover image is almost always embedded in each and every one track of an album.

To remove the images from a music collection I intended to put onto my iPhone, I've used the freeware program taghycardia. The app offers to configure itself for "image stripping" from tags right when you install it.

Then it was literally a matter of a couple clicks.

I drag-n-dropped the root folder of my music collection weighing in at about 10 gigs onto the program's window, and once it scanned the tracks I pressed Apply Changes, and voila: the albums now take just 7 gigs total in size so now I can put most of them on my 8 Gb iPhone. 

Note: If you want to keep cover art, just check "Save as" checkbox in the program's options: removed cover images would be saved in their respective folders.

You can download the awesome app for free here: taghycardia.

Friday, 7 March 2014

FREE Words With Friends dictionary and helper

FREE Words With Friends dictionary helper: learn word eligibility AND definition instantly! Moreover, the dictionary lists all possible variations of the word you entered that are accepted by the game. It's not a cheat, right? Get it here.

Minimalistic and useful